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Covey Quest Gun Dogs
  • How do I book a hunt?
    You may book your hunt online if you wish or you can also call or text 270-995-2695 to book a hunt as well.
  • Can I bring my own guide
    We have guides that are safety trained and available for booking. If you bring someone to "run their dog" for you, they are considered a Hunter--and will pay regular price to hunt with their dog--even if not carrying a gun. No person shall take funds for "Guiding" a hunt on our property that is not on our Guide list and been briefed on safety and emergency protocol.
  • Do I need to wear orange.
    Yes. You must wear orange that can be seen from all sides and your back for your safety.
  • Do I need a reservation?
    Yes In order to provide the best hunting experience possible, we require reservations. We cannot guarantee availability for same day calls. If there is availably we will gladly schedule a hunt for you but a prior notice will be more likely to guarantee you a hunt.
  • What birds can I hunt
    We offer Chukar, Pheasant & quail hunts. Both Guided or unguded.
  • Are there places to stay?
    We currently do not have on site lodging. However here are some recommendations of local places to stay based on customer recommendations! Greensburg Air BnB Greensburg Air BnB Magnoila Air BnB
  • Do I need a hunting license?
    You are not required to have a hunting license in the state of Kentucky to hunt on preserves unless you are hunting quail. If you stick to Chukar or Pheasant you will not need a license.
  • Do I need a dog?
    Yes, if you do not have a dog we can provide a dog and guide for you. A well trained bird dog is essential to find birds to flush and shoot and to recover downed birds.
  • I have never hunted before. Am I still allowed to book a hunt?
    Absolutely. Our professional guides will be happy to take you on your first hunt and teach you what you need to know to have a safe and enjoyable upland bird hunting experaince!
  • Where are you located?
    Our hunting preserve is located on 225 Lbale Road in Greensburg Kentucky.
  • Do I need to bring my own gun and Ammo.
    We do not rent shotguns. Our policy is that hunters bring their own guns and be familiar with their function.
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